Chessington Water Park Begins Consultation

Chessington Water Park begins consultation. Chessington World of Adventures is actively considering the addition of a water park to its existing array of attractions. The theme park Resort has unveiled plans to conduct a public consultation to gather feedback on this proposed expansion endeavour.

The proposals presented by Chessington entail an extension of the Safari Hotel to craft a thrilling new water park adventure. After meticulous evaluation, the site of the Safari Hotel has emerged as the prime location. Taking into account various site characteristics and operational requirements.

The Plans

Under the plans, the currently underused hotel conference centre will undergo a vibrant refurbishment. Transforming it into guest changing areas, lockers, and restrooms. Furthermore, a new extension will be erected. Establishing an indoor sub-tropical paradise that will captivate visitors with an assortment of exhilarating water-based activities. These will encompass themed pools, slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river that will whisk guests outdoors. Treating them to awe-inspiring vistas of the unique Wanyama Reserve environment.

One of the most captivating aspects of the envisioned water park is its seamless integration with the animal kingdom. Chessington World of Adventures envisions a “wild adventure,” immersing visitors in the realm of wildlife. The water park will feature two indoor floor-to-ceiling fish tanks. Thus offering guests a mesmerizing glimpse into a myriad of aquatic creatures. Additionally, a meerkat enclosure will be strategically positioned along the lazy river. Granting visitors the joy of observing these playful critters in action.

Spanning two levels, the water park building will encompass a main guest experience area and an inviting outdoor terrace. The terrace will serve as a haven for relaxation. Affording visitors the opportunity to bask in the extended views across the Wanyama Reserve. Moreover, the upper level of the structure will accommodate a food and beverage provision. Ensuring that guests can replenish their energy during their aquatic escapades.

It is worth emphasizing that the current proposed plans include solely two small slides within the water park. Intentionally omitting a slide tower with multiple slides. This design choice indicates Chessington World of Adventures’ emphasis on delivering a younger family-friendly experience. Showcasing the distinctive qualities of the Wanyama Reserve.

The Consultation

While the plans for the water park are undeniably great. It is important to note that they are still subject to refinement. The public consultation aims to actively solicit feedback and opinions from visitors and local residents. Thus serving as a pivotal step in further shaping the development. Chessington remains resolute in its commitment to incorporating the suggestions and concerns of the community before finalising the project.

Chessington World of Adventures warmly encourages members of the public to actively participate in the consultation process. Allowing them to contribute their valuable insights regarding the proposed water park. This presents an invaluable opportunity for visitors and local residents alike to voice their opinions. Addressing any concerns, and playing an instrumental role in shaping the future of this new development.

Now that the Chessington Water Park begins consultation. More news on this development as we get it, but it is certainly an exciting time to be a Chessington World of Adventures fan. With World of Jumanji set to open in 2023, things have never looked brighter for the park.