Water Park Plans Submitted

Water Park plans submitted. In an impressive stride towards its vision of a water park. Chessington World of Adventures has officially submitted plans to the council. These updated plans reflect substantial changes made based on the invaluable feedback received during the public consultation process.

One of the most exciting updates in the revised plans is the inclusion of six thrilling water slides. Designed to offer visitors a diverse range of aquatic adventures. Notably, among these exhilarating attractions is “The Uphill Water Coaster,” a standout slide that potentially promises an exciting ride. With the addition of these slides, the proposed water park at Chessington is set to reach new heights of excitement. Catering to the desires of guests of all ages.

Responding directly to the input gathered during the consultation, Chessington has expanded its initial vision to feature two lazy rivers. Visitors will have the pleasure of leisurely floating along a lazy river indoors and outdoors. Relishing the serene journey that perfectly complements the sub-tropical paradise atmosphere of the park.

A Striking Change

Another significant change to the plans is the introduction of a visually striking, dynamic-styled building. Meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, this architectural gem nestles gracefully into the ground. The exterior has been thoughtfully designed, ensuring that every view is clean looking and stylish.

The revised plans represent a departure from the original proposals put forth during the public consultation. Chessington World of Adventures has demonstrated extraordinary responsiveness to the invaluable feedback provided by visitors and local residents. Resulting in a transformation of the design.

With the submission of the revised plans to the council, Chessington eagerly anticipates their review and approval. Hopefully marking a significant milestone in the development process. The resort holds an optimistic outlook. Firmly believes that the plans, with their community-driven changes, will garner a positive response. Setting the stage for the realisation of the water park project. Known as Project Bruce.

As the plans continue to advance, Chessington World of Adventures reaffirms its commitment to crafting an extraordinary water park experience. The Resort eagerly awaits the council’s decision. As ever, we will be following progress closely. It’s exciting times ahead with Water Park plans submitted.